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Urth (formerly Gobe) was born in 2014 on a two-year road trip from California to Patagonia. Founders Christian and Chris spent as much time in nature as possible and met our third founder, Minnie, along the journey

Nurturing a deeper connection with nature reminded them of the impact we have on the environment and our responsibility to minimise and offset these effects.

They realised business was the most impactful way to create lasting change. And so every time you support Urth, you are funding communities to plant 5 trees, offsetting your impact, and rejuvenating ecosystems.

Our philosophy

Conscious design

Positive-impact designs for passionate creators.

Positive impact

Our products fund communities to plant 5 trees.

Sustainable Quality

Lifetime quality keeps our products out of landfill.

Spreading awareness

Sharing stories to deepen our connection with nature.

We want to help you spend more time in nature with a camera

We have a simple vision with a big purpose.

We believe photography can be a powerful tool in the global conservation movement because it helps those who can't spend time in nature to connect with it.

That's why we want you to spend more time in nature with a camera – so you can capture her beauty and share it with the world.

Our mission is to design products that spark creativity so we can plant 1 billion trees by 2032.

We want to show the world that business can be a powerful force for conservation. We are continuously improving our designs to further minimise our impact.

And, with your support, our positive impact initiatives continue funding local communities to revitalise damaged ecosystems by planting 5 trees with every product.


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